Where or what to eat in Elmira, New York

Where to eat in Elmira, New York

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Charlie's Cafe

Charlie's Café's Fish & Chips
Charlie's Cafe, diverse menu, in the WOHO district- west of Hoffman Street, 205 Hoffman - see map on right for directions. Visited on 9/17/2015, 3 guests - dinner. The best cooked shrimp I have eaten this far inland. Excellent. $ - $$

** Food 10 out of 10 **
Service 8 out of 10
Cleanliness 9 out of 10
Ambience 9 out of 10
Value 8 out of 10

Total score 44 out of 50 points

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  1. Mixed Feelings here. We had advanced reservations for 13 last night. We ordered. 10 mins later were told they were out of fish. Reordered. 10 mins later were told they were out of lasagna. Meals were ok. Root vegetables uncooked. Salads were skimpy and inconsistent. Some only lettuce. Some had broccoli, cucumbers and tomatoes. Shrimp appetizer was the best taste of the table. They forgot to bring soup completely ... instead offered take out 1/2 cups as we left for the night. Service was friendly but SLOW! Even desert coming straight from the desert display cabinet took 15 mins. Arrived at 7 ... finished meal at 9:30. Expensive for a disappointing night. I hope they call the bride and groom to be and offer them a complimentary return meal.


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