Where or what to eat in Elmira, New York

Where to eat in Elmira, New York

Thursday, November 6, 2014

M & M Red Hots

4 with everything
M&M Red Hots, 212 Baldwin Street, Elmira - see map on right for directions. Hot dogs. Old Elmira kind of place. The delicious meat sauce recipe dates from 1919. Last visit 11/4/2014 - 2 guests - lunch. Smothered in meat sauce. $

Food 8 out of 10
Service 5 out of 10
Cleanliness 5 out of 10
Ambience 4 out of 10
Value 8 out of 10
Total score 30 out of 50 points

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  1. okay.... i Thought you would review the ambience of the specific place, not compare apples to oranges?
    the atmosphere of M&M's is Just Right for savoring, if you aren't self-conscious about -what Were you so worried about? friendliness?? sharing bits of conversation in exchange for good spirits? If you were worried the ketchup might drop down your chin, perhaps you're a little too high-brow for those of us who love this place's ambience.
    sorry i don't get this review of yours.

  2. From the critics....

    M & M hotdogs are an extremely tricky item to review - because they are really good. So good that you eat them really fast. You can eat one in two big bites, and easily put away two or three dogs in a few minutes. Then they're gone, you're full, and the whole experience is over in less than five minutes. So where was the savoring? Savoring is hard to do in a room full of customers wolfing down food.

    We learned a long time ago to "take out" - that way we can enjoy the smell in the car for a good five extra minutes before we inhale them.

  3. I have some wonderful memories of being taken to M&M with my dad well over 40 years ago. I'm talking the old location pre Agnes (1972) so don't go talking trash about this place.

    It's an Elmira kind of thing. You probably wouldn't understand.

    2 without please...


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