Where or what to eat in Elmira, New York

Where to eat in Elmira, New York

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Picnic Pizza at Arnot Mall

The "Lunch Special"
The franchize only serves pizza at this location, Arnot Mall, I-86 in Big Flats - see map on right for directions. New York style pizza, perfect. Last visit 9/20/2013 - 2 guests - lunch. $. Yummy. Unlike other restaurants that we review, Picnic Pizza shares table space in the food court at the Arnot Mall. Picnic Pizza is our favorite choice. Considering it's a food court, the place is kept relatively clean by a roving band of elders who do a pretty good job. The floor show, fellow shoppers, moviegoers, anxious bathroom-seekers, and a steady stream of teenagers totally focused on only one thing - and that's not food or clothing. Bad taste abounds, but the PIZZA is great. We usually get 2 "lunch specials" and it's just right. In the many times we have reviewed this restaurant the food has been consistently good.

Food 9 out of 10 
Service 8 out of 10 
Cleanliness 7 out of 10 
Ambience 6 out of 10 
Value 8 out of 10 
Total score 38 out of 50 points

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