Where or what to eat in Elmira, New York

Where to eat in Elmira, New York

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Steak salad was exceptionally salty, and had
way too many ingredients.
Horigan's365 Davis Street - see map on right for directions. AMERICAN-IRISH, great food - which is great for Elmira, all kinds of daily specials. Our last visit was 6/3/2014 with 3 guests - lunch. The onion soup and cole slaw were excellent.  $ - $$

Food 5 out of 10
Service 7 out of 10
Cleanliness 8 out of 10
Ambience 8 out of 10
Value 8 out of 10
Total score 36 out of 50 points

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  1. Best cheesesteak in elmira?? Haha! Not even the best one on Davis St. Anyway, the service was horrible the night we went. Had tickets to a show, our food took over 60 MINUTES from the time we ordered. Meanwhile, well known locals (DA, lawyers) came in AFTER us and were served before us. Close to showtime I went to the bar to say we would pay for the appetizers/drinks, but we've waited too long and didn't want to be late....at which point the owner said "the show doesn't start until 7 (it was 6:40) you have time", 3 minutes later our food came out completely cold! Haven't gone back since.


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